Value based recruitment (VBR) : a sustainable, long-term requirement for your company

Value based recruitment is a what many customers achieve using the platform. Through a unique candidate measuring and matching process, the platform helps companies build a cohesive, committed, diverse and engaged team. The result is a higher retention rate, fewer wasted resources, greater engagement and lower absenteeism.

The key to sustainability

Shared values: the key to sustainability

We’re convinced that to ensure the long-term compatibility of your employees, recruitment must be based not only on their skills and aptitudes, but also on shared work values.

The selection of candidates is therefore based on the match between their work values and those of your company. Employees who share the same values with their teams are more likely to make a long-term commitment to your company.

According to verified figures, this also guarantees:

  • greater employee satisfaction
  • a feeling of fulfillment at work
  • a feeling of belonging at the company
  • reduced absenteeism
  • better performance and greater productivity
  • fewer premature departures
Sustainable talent

The platforms helps you identify the talents that will fit your company

The algorithms identify candidates whose work values align with those of the teams they will be joining, ensuring they can integrate more seamlessly into your company.

How do we achieve this? With the Value Fit questionnaire, developed in close collaboration with professors from the VUB (BE) and Ohio State University (USA). The platform accurately measures and compares the work values of the hiring team and the applicant. A revolutionary and scientific method that guarantees accurate and reliable results.

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Commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability benefits candidates who are not hired

Our commitment to sustainability also benefits unsuccessful candidates. When a candidate is not selected for a vacancy, we ensure that they are not left out in the cold.

On the contrary, we allow them to join our talent pool – a community of dynamic people who are available for offers that match their skills and values. When a new vacancy opens up that matches their profile, these candidates can be notified directly. This keeps them motivated in their search. As an employer, you’re no longer rejecting candidates, but taking a sustainable approach by offering them the chance to find another job.

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Employees who share values stay longer, are less absent, perform better and are less involved in work incidents.