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As most transportation companies, this first-moving US transportation company was plagued by high churn particularly in the trainee period. They apply ValueFit post-hire, matching student and senior drivers.

Every week, they onboard 80 to 100 new drivers. During this onboarding, the drivers take the 10 minute assessment which measures their values. Based on these results and some extra variables like smoking behavior, gender-waver… , drivers and students are automatically matched for the trainee period.

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Drivers that have a good fit with their trainer show 20% less attrition rate. Remarkably, the direct impact on attrition lasts to up to 200 days, well beyond the initial training period. This translates into roughly 7 mio. saved on a yearly basis on training alone.

Additionalgains with pre-hire selection : 3 years worth of data showed us what the company could gain from minimal additional pre-hire selection. Excluding only the bottom 10% of ‘misfits’would lead to:

  • 10% in retention gain
  • Safety incidents down with 17%

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